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INX Servers vous propose un Cluster ARK PVP 4ManTribe x5. A l’image du Small Tribe Officiel, le cluster est composé de 3 Genesis Part 2. Vous découvrirez le DLC de la meilleure façon possible. Nous avons ajouté des mods et des plugins rendant l’experience plus intéressante et moins chronophage. Je peux citer Dino Storage, Solo Farm, une New Player Protection ou encore une Offline Raid Protection. Toutes les infos sont sur notre Discord INX !

Cluster ARK PVP

4ManTribe x5


Liste des mods

Dino Storage V2
Solo Farm
Maga ORP
HG Stacking Mod 1000-50
Structures Plus
Auto engrams

Voir tous les mods

  • Genesis 2 I
  •  Genesis 2 II
  •   Genesis 2 III
Liste des plugins
  • /suicide
  • /shop
    Maga ORP
    PVP & Raid CD
    New Player Protection
    Smooth Transfert
  • Dino colors Tokkens
  • Floating Damages only for you
    Kill Reward

Réglage en jeu du

Clsuter ARK PVP 4Man X5

Réglage générale
  • Game mode : PvP
  • Tribe limit : 4
  • Maximum character level : 105
  • Maximum wild dinos level : 150
  • Alliance system : No
  • Auto Engrams : Yes
  • Damage display : Yes (just for you and tribe)
  • Nanny imprint : 70%
  • Max Dinos per tribe : 1000
  • NPP : 5Day or >lvl104
  • ORP : x3/x2 – 0.5h/1h30
Ratio en jeu
  •   Harvest multiplier : x5 (x6 WE)
  • Experience multiplier : x5 (x6 WE)
  • Tame dino multiplier : x5 (x7.5 WE)
  • Egg Hatch : 10
    Baby Maturation : 12
    Mating Interval : 0.2
    Crop Growth : 3
    Player Food/Water Consumption : 0.5
    Dino/Baby Food/Water Consumption : 0.8
    Beacon Loot Quality : 1.1 (x1.3 WE)
    Fishing Loot Quality : 1.5 (x2 WE)


General Rules
  • 1.1 No hacks, exploits, duping, meshing or lagg attempts
    1.2 Insiding is strictly forbidden
    1.3 You are required to have the same tribemembers and tribename across the cluster
    1.4 Breaking WC’s Code of conduct in any way is forbidden.
    1.5 Do not create a toxic environment for other players of the cluster.
    1.6 Everything belongs to the Tribe Owners!
PVP Rules

2.1 Teaming with another tribe during PvP is not allowed. Trading and doing bossfight is fine.
2.2 You are allowed to third party raids as long as you actively make a legitimate attempt to destroy the attackers and/or defenders evenly. You are required to attempt the raid yourself if you are successful in neutralizing the original attackers. Continuously sniping from afar without any actual attempt to destroy FOBs/Bases is forbidden.
2.3 You can only keep a player imprisoned for 1 hour
2.4 You are not allowed to invite new people during an active raid attempt

Building Rules
  • 3.1 Do not build invisible or invincible structures
    3.2 Do not build in knock-out, grapple, zipline, no kaprosuchus/pelagronis or chair spots


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