Welcome to INX servers ! Started in September 2019, INX Servers propose some of best ARK PVP/ PVE, Rust & Minecraft Servers for now with the best plugins and settings. It’s a new projet with lot’s of new ideas for PVP/PVE servers !
For ARK PVP, It’s a International server ! We have the best Small Tribe of ARK because today, Official Small Tribe is dead. We’ll open lot’s of new servers with original settings, concepts for PVP players !
For the PVE, It’s a French Server so : Nous avons le cluster le plus fourni actuellement avec tous les DLC présents ainsi que d’autres maps moddés permettant de découvrir les meilleurs mods du Workshop actuel !

       If you want to join the community, click on images and join the discord.
Let’s have fun and enjoy the servers !